Your Questions About RC Airplanes Answered

I will be posting questions that fellow hobbyists sent me by email, to the blog as well. I get lots of great questions and I know a lot of them are questions others would like to know the answer to as well. I think this will be beneficial to all and help everyone that may have had a similar question but has not yet asked it.

Of course, if you still want to ask a question by email, that will be fine as well, but I am hoping that everyone will start posting the questions here. I will keep working on making the system as effecient as possible because I want to make sure all questions get answered quickly, and sometimes, I do not have the time I would like to get them answered.

Anyone that knows the answer to a question posted here can feel free to respond to it before I do, in fact I encourage you to answer the questions. This is how we keep our community of fellow hobbyists together and connected. We may be a dying breed when it comes to building RC Airplanes from scratch and from balsa kits, but we can keep it alive.

Thanks for your support and keep those questions coming.

Build With Confidence,

Carl Baer


About Carl Baer

I am a rc airplane guy, have been for almost 30 years and I grew up around rc airplanes. My dad built them and I used to watch him build, then we built together and then I built my own. I love to build rc planes and see what modifications I can make to create a real scale and functional look to the finished plane. This love, turned into this blog to share my experiences with model airplane building.

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