How A Magnetic Building Board Works

In the previous posts I covered what a magnetic building board is. To recap, it is a great way to build your model airplanes for the simple fact that you are not putting holes in your wood parts with t-pins. Also, your parts will always be held down securely with magnets, where as using t-pins, they tend to lift up and loose gripping power if you are not careful.

I started using magnets to build rc airplanes with back in 1997 and I couldn’t be happier with how well the models I have built have turned out. Building rc airplanes on a sheet metal surface takes no time to get used to, in fact I would say it is more of a pleasure to work on for the fact that it is a stable and solid work surface. 

NOTE:  If there is enough interest, I will put together a building materials list for constructing a magnetic building board.

Now about the video below. I have taken the time to go through showing you how each accessory works in conjunction with the magnets. I also cover how the magnets get their holding power and how the whole magnetic building system is extremely versatile and can work with any type of rc building project you may do.

RC Plane Magnetic Building Board System (an introduction)

Many of you may or may not know of the unique ways to build rc airplanes, one of my favorite ways is to use a magnets and a sheet metal plate (or board). I came across this method about 13 years ago. My first plane that I built with it was a Spacewalker 1/3 scale from SIG. Let me say that it was a pleasure to build this kit using the magnetic building system. I think I still have some build photos somewhere (back when we used film cameras). If I find them I will post them.

Anyway…. this is about the magnetic building board system to build your rc airplanes with. Typically when you build with magnets, you are essentially creating your own custom jigs and fixtures to hold whatever model airplane you are currently building.

Instead of me writing to describe each aspect, watch the video below and I will talk about how it is set up and what makes up a whole magnetic building board system, from the sheet metal board to the individual magnets and their hardware.

One final note. You cannot get a magnetic building board system anymore from Great Planes or from any manufacturer for that matter, so the only alternative left is to make your own. If there is enough interest, I will put together the steps of what materials you need and how to bulid your own magnetic building board system.

Now that we have covered the parts of a magnetic building board system to build your rc planes, I want to sress an important step that cannot be overlooked. Leveling, any time you are ready to construct an rc airplane, you must level the building surface, whether it is a metal board, or a foam sheet, you must make sure your building surface is level.

The video below shows my steps to insure my magnetic building board is level.

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