Build RC Model Plane Wing Center Section

At this point I am ready to build the center section and add the balsa sheeting to the wing of my radio control plane, making balsa sheeting is easy when you follow a few simple rules. You can see the steps for this in the balsa sheeting post. Creating proper balsa sheets is one of the most important steps when it comes to a professional looking sheeting job.

Completing Center Section

As you can see here, I begin with an important step with any rc model plane…setting up the structure and aligning the parts perfectly to the plans. As always, I use a magnetic building board to build all my rc airplanes from scratch. If you get the alignment and layout right for your wing center section, then you will be buildnig like a pro too. Using a square and magnetic vises, I hold the center section to my sheet metal board.

Aligning rc plane ribs with square. Held in place with magnetic vise.


After confirming the alignment of the ribs, I can continue to add more magnets to hold the rest of the wing center section in place.


Center section rc plane wing ribs held in place with magnetic vises


magnetic building board with rc plane wing center section held in place.




About Carl Baer

I am a rc airplane guy, have been for almost 30 years and I grew up around rc airplanes. My dad built them and I used to watch him build, then we built together and then I built my own. I love to build rc planes and see what modifications I can make to create a real scale and functional look to the finished plane. This love, turned into this blog to share my experiences with model airplane building.

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